About PT. Bukit Baja Nusantara


Began as a retail outlet in 1973, our business continually growing to a few established sales outlets in Indonesia. The business supplies the most complete local and imported industrial range of products mostly to oil & gas, petrochemical, power plant and manufacturing industries.

Based on invaluable years of experience in the primary trading business, BBN has embarked on a manufacturing business to produce studbolts and coated studbolts. This 'one-stop service' concept aimed at achieving optimum synergy, efficiency and productivity of the Company. Numerous products including our own manufacturing products supplied through our established domestic sales network to provide customers with crucial price support. Beside, our marketing and technical staffs are qualified to provide customers with specialist advice on the products, materials and their applications. BBN is exploring the opportunities in exporting its own products as well as keeping focus in the manufacturing and marketing.

BBN looks upon its people and technology as the precious workforce to strengthen our position in the industry. We endeavor in developing our human resources and technology with the 'human touched high technology' concept that would enable our vision turn into reality.

The company dedicates continuous training and workshops for its people in order to have a better understanding of the products and their corresponding applications to deliver the most suitable and best quality services to the customers.


Began its commercial production in 1995, BBN is now heavily engaged in manufacturing fasteners. The factory is capable to turn 300 metric tons of raw materials per month into fully finished and high quality threaded rods and studbolts.

Built on an area of 2,000 square meters, the factory is located in Sunter, North Jakarta, close to the central business district. This modern factory boasts its most advanced automated production machinery in Indonesia.

Now the factory has extended its capability to manufacture our own coatings. Our capacity to simultaneously manufactures the studbolts and coatings enables us to maintain our quality control so that every coated studbolts produced are of the same high quality. To ensure health and safety work environment as well as high quality products, we maintain standard cleanliness in our factory and provide protective wear for the workers.

The Stud Bolts Specialist With World - Class Quality And Services

We server one-stop manufacturing dan coatings to enhance our quality and provide one-stop supply house of the most complete industrial products to cater oil & gas, petrochemical, power plant, and manufacturing industries through a superior team of service personnel. By doing so, we aim to ensure the success and continued growth of the company.

Our objectives are to capture greater market share every year, manufacture high value-added products locally, adopt continuous quality improvement, and provide job opportunities by bringing prosperity to the nation.