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POWERCOTE Fluorocarbon-coated Studbolts

The fluorocarbon coated bolt that outperforms ordinary bolts. - Reduce friction - Predictably uniform loading - Superior chemical resistance - May often be reused

POWERCOTE Coatings differ from traditional fluoropolymer coatings in one very important aspect - they are composite materials. Lubricants with the lowest known coefficient of friction combined in a matrix with the newest high temperature organic polymers. United these polymers form "plastic alloys" having unique and desirable properties :

Low friction : as low as 0.02.
Wear resistance : even under extreme pressures.
Corrosion and chemical resistance : in most environments.
Weather resistance : against sunlight, saltwater and road chemicals.
Wide temperature operating range : from -2500 to +2850 Celcius.

Physical Properties

Tensile strengthpsi2,000 to 4,000
Elongation%30 to 50
Water absorption%0,03
Service temperature :
Dielectric Strengthv / mil1,200 to 2,000
Chemical ResistanceGood
Coeffision of friction0.02 to 0.10

Friction of POWERCOTE coatings is relatively constant over range of increasing pressure from 0.2 psi to 400.000 psi.

Corrosion Resistance

ChemicalConcentration %HoursEffects
Deionized - Boiling1001000none
Salt (immersed)304000none
Salt (spray)5720none
Tap - 120°C at 10.000psi10024none
Skydrol (hydraulic fluid)1001500none
JP-4 (jet fuel)1001500none
Break fluid (auto)1001500none
H2O + gas at 120°C at 2000 psi79% CH4, 6%, CO2, 15% H2S24none