BBN Testimonies

BBN is professionally managed and offers a wide range of studbolt
products as well as knowledgeable and pleasant service...

Harapan Tarigan
Senior Inspector, QA Team
Caltex Pacific Indonesia PT

I would not hesitate to recommend BBN to any company that
requires various types of high quality studbolts and professional service...

Holland H. Simanjuntak
Engineering & Construction Manager
VICO Indonesia

BBN has proven to be resourceful, dependable and competitive
supplier in meeting our needs...

Musa Anhony Siregar
Project Procurement Manager
Petrosea PT

BBN is one of the companies who puts the customer first and
ensures service quality and satisfies customer...

Maruli Sitorus
Material & Purchasing Manager
FMC Santana Petroleum Equipment Indonesia PT

BBN has proven its professionalism in serving the oil & gas
industry over the years. We certainly appreciate their prompt service...

Vic Zulfikar
Facilities & Support Superintendent
Santa Fe Energy Resource Ltd