Our in-house Quality Assurance Department provides accurate certification from initial raw material testing to verification of finished product. In addition to this ensuring conformity of in-house processes, We work in conjunction with several leading external Inspection bodies.

Operating clearly defined processes that are controlled at every stage, we can provide 3.1 and third party endorsed 3.2 certification with all products. Providing warranty statement to support your project when required.

List of Laboratory or Testing Equipment

• Spectrometer
• XRF PMI Test Machine
• Universal Testing Machine
• Tensile & Cyrogenic Impact Test Machine
• Salt Spray Test Machine
• Ring Gauges
• Various mechanical and measurement tools
• Various plating and coating measurement tools


Step into our cutting-edge warehouse, a hub of efficiency and precision. With a large capacity, our facility is meticulously organized for seamless inventory management, utilizing advanced technology to ensure the safety and accessibility of our products.

Our warehouse isn't just about space; it's a commitment to sustainability. Equipped with climate control and top-notch security, we prioritize preserving product quality. Our logistics team works tirelessly to maintain optimal inventory levels, guaranteeing swift order fulfillment and timely deliveries.

At the core of our facilities, the warehouse epitomizes our dedication to excellence. From real-time inventory tracking to stringent quality controls, every aspect is geared towards surpassing industry standards. Explore the essence of our operations, where precision meets care, ensuring that our warehouse plays a pivotal role in delivering excellence to our valued clients.


At BBN Productions, our manufacturing prowess is adaptable, catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it's crafting a unique "one-off" component or producing runs in the thousands, our production capacity is flexible to meet varying project demands. This adaptability positions us as a reliable partner for projects of any scale, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions to their specifications.

Our commitment to delivering excellence begins with the use of high-quality raw materials. We understand the pivotal role that material quality plays in the final product. By meticulously selecting and incorporating top-notch raw materials into our processes, we lay the foundation for the production of consistently high-quality items. This dedication to quality assurance is a cornerstone of our manufacturing philosophy.

Our production processes at BBN involve a systematic journey that transforms raw materials into premium products. Through a series of carefully orchestrated steps, we ensure precision and efficiency at every stage. From initial processing to final quality checks, our streamlined processes are designed to uphold the highest standards, guaranteeing that each product leaving our facility is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and reliability.

Office & Research Development

Step into our vibrant office and research development facilities, where our skilled staff, supervisors, and managers collaborate seamlessly. With a focus on efficient coordination and communication, our dedicated staff ensures a dynamic workplace. Supervisors play a pivotal role in guiding teams toward success, utilizing their expertise to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

In research and development, our experienced managers lead the charge, spearheading initiatives to explore innovative solutions. Our facilities provide the ideal setting for brainstorming, analysis, and strategic planning, empowering our team to deliver impactful solutions to industry challenges. Our office and research development spaces are not just physical locations but vibrant hubs of creativity. Here, every team member contributes unique skills to create a synergistic atmosphere, ensuring our facilities serve as catalysts for forward-thinking solutions in a dynamic landscape.

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