• BBN : The Best Quality Of Our Products For Consumers
  • BBN : We Stand Out For Our Rapidity, In Every Circumstance
  • BBN : The Best Quality Of Our Products For Consumers


The Stud Bolts Specialist With World - Class Quality And Services

Bolt And Nut Company With The Best Quality In Indonesia

Quality Bolt And Nut That Have Been Recognized Throughout The World

Bolts And Nuts Of Materials That Have Been Tested With Laboratory Testing Standards

Company Vision & Mission


“To be a Globally Recognized Stud Bolts, Nuts, Bolts & Special Fastener Company.”


  1. Produce high quality products by making continuous improvement in every process;
  2. Improving human resources who are competent, reliable, professional, and ready to face the era of globalization;
  3. Applying the concept of “Lean Manufacturing” in every process to reduce waste and increase product added value in order to increase value to customers;
  4. Creating a healthy and comfortable work environment by prioritizing occupational safety and health, as well as improving employee welfare;
  5. Develop social programs for the surrounding community as a tangible manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

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Our Products

Quality and Delivery is Priority.

Zinc Coated

Zinc CoatedZinc Coated has a number of characteristics that make it well-suited for use as a coating for protecting iron and steel products from corro..
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Fluorocarbon Coated Stud Bolt

POWERCOTE Fluorocarbon-coated StudboltsThe fluorocarbon coated bolt that outperforms ordinary bolts. - Reduce friction - Predictably uniform loading -..
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Cadmium Coated Stud Bolt

Pure cadmium plating to ASTM B766The cadmium deposited coating on bolt has a low coefficient of friction that can reduce the tightening torque require..
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Studbolts & Nuts

Manufacturing FlexibilityManufacturing processes employed include thread rolling, cutting, chamfering, stamping, and as well coating if required. Prod..
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The Stud Bolts and Nuts Manufacturer

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